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Grease Monkey - Denver #392

1295 S. Colorado Blvd.,  Denver,  CO 80246
(303) 757-0530

Service Experiences

Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Courtney S
" I agree with Jordan...World class customer service! These guys you can trust. They do a wonderful professional job and explain what needs to be done and why. Fast, clean, respectful and knowledgeable - this is the best place to bring your car. "

Denver, CO
" World class customer service from the manager Mike! I've worked in retail/customer service for years, and Mike's service was so exceptional I will go back just for him. Incredible experience, very impressed. "

Denver, CO
" I got in right away for my oil change which I desperately needed. 15-20 minutes later my car was ready to go with fresh oil, a vacuuming, and topped off fluids and tires.  While this was all great my favorite part was it is dog friendly! "

Eva E. (Yelp Reviewer)
Denver, CO
" The 5 stars is for the great customer service from everyone that works here.  The actual autoservice itself is just fine, too:).

I know people can be scared of the "upsell." When you bring your car in for an oil change, they *will* print off all your manufacturer's service recommendations and sit you down and show you what maintenance is recommended and at how many miles and how much it could cost.  I know this can feel overwhelming... it sucks when you bring your car somewhere for something basic and it seems they're trying to get more money out of you, right?  But more than anything this just felt like an added bonus; I'm a new owner of a used car and was feeling very clueless about it.  They thoroughly educated and helped me, didn't pressure me to get any of the suggested services, and were honest with me about the wiggle room in the manufacturer's recommendations.  When the oil was all changed and my car was ready to go, one of the guys took me to my car and popped the hood to show me where the parts of my car that would need to be replaced soon were located... not to pressure me but to inform me, because they don't provide that particular service anyway.

I felt really empowered and respected.  Thank you:) "

Tara L. (Yelp Reviewer)
Denver, CO
" I HATE having to take my car in, even just for an oil change, but these guys are great.  Super fast and really nice.  You can even stop in between oil changes for top off for free.  I was heading from Colorado to California and just wanted to be sure everything was ok was delighted to find out they'd check everything out and air up the tires for free! "

Michelle S. (Yelp Reviewer)
Denver, CO
" After trying multiple times to get my car to the dealer for an oil change I decided to check out Grease Monkey. I was pleasantly surprised by the service that took place. My favorite part was that the techs didn't speak down to me or like I was dumb because I'm a girl. I knew exactly what I needed and within 15 minutes I was heading out the door with an oil change and a newly vacuumed car. I know I'll be back here again! "

Dana R. (Yelp Reviewer)
Denver, CO
" The word of the day is efficient...say it with me now, efficient. In the time it took to walk to & from Starbucks and start a game of Spider Solitaire, my oil was changed, fluids were topped off, interior was vacuumed and windows were cleaned. I think the definition of efficient should be changed, simply, to Grease Monkey. "

Larren M. (Yelp Reviewer)
Denver, CO
" A friendly staff and good service make for a nice experience. This Grease Monkey has both of those going for it. They don't try and stiff on anything here. I've taken my vehicle here many times and have never been disappointed.

A member of the staff will always come to inform you of anything they are going to do to your car. They'll also suggest some things that may need attention, but they will never force anything on you. You do not need to take your car to the dealership to maintain it. I'd suggest giving Grease Monkey a shot. It'll save you a few bucks. "


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